Learn About These Arts Jobs That Are High Paying

One of the most common myths about pursuing a career in the arts is that there are no high paying jobs and folks in the industry survive on mac and cheese. Another common narrative is pain and art go hand in hand and an artist carves art out of the pain they thrive on throughout their life.

However, in today’s fast-paced world, art jobs are a lot more rewarding than ever before. And if you have an eye for art, and you are passionate enough, you needn’t struggle to make ends meet. As an artist, you can still thrive in your creative space with high-paying gigs as your reward.


If you graduate as an arts major, and are still undecided on which art jobs can fetch you a high paying salary, you are in the right place. Here, we will talk about high-paying artistic jobs that will help you plan for your retirement as well as allow you to pursue your passion.

Learn About These Arts Jobs That Are High Paying


Interior Designer

Salary Range: $35,320 to $65,960


Be it an office space or your home, everyone needs a beautiful space to thrive. That’s when a professional interior designer works to aesthetically design the interior of a space as per the client’s needs. 

From designing and sketching on computer software to deciding on the type of upholstery and lighting, an interior designer ensures that spaces look beautiful and are unique. To earn the label of an interior designer you need to complete your bachelor degree program. 

And if you intend to earn an advanced position in a reputed design firm, it is a wise idea to complete a master’s degree program and be a bright prospect for the job. 



Salary Range: $45,750 to $82,860

Being an animator is one of the most sought after careers in today’s digital world. They are responsible for brainstorming, developing, creating motion pictures to be used in films, websites, social media, video games, and various other channels. 

Animators are specialized in software like adobe illustrator, Photoshop, and CoralDraw to design 2-D and 3-D animation. This career not only requires the utmost dedication to create something every day but also demands strong technical skills combined with graphic disciplines at its best. 

Animators also design advertisements for use on the internet to attract and direct online.

Art Professor

Salary Range: $45,370 to $88,290

To teach art to students in colleges and universities, one needs advanced expertise in the subject.  Art Professors are responsible to plan, develop, and teach the in and out of art. They help out students to hone their skills along with offering constructive feedback on students’ progress and artworks. 

To work as an art professor you need to have at least a Masters of Education with a focus on visual arts or liberal arts. Also, you’d be given an edge if you have completed your doctoral degree program for employment.

Art Director

Salary Range: $42,840 to $163,430

Art directors are heavy-duty executives who are responsible for creating visual components of a media campaign or an advertisement to help clients or businesses get a step closer to their customers. 

This responsibility includes working on art layouts, formulating concepts along with overseeing graphics, and not to mention managing the design team. 

Art directors need to complete their bachelor’s degree in an art-related discipline to qualify for employment along with coordinating and delivering the utmost quality designs for businesses.

Art Agent

Salary Range: $41,740 to $116,370

Art agents stay ahead of leading industry art trends. They are also known for managing and representing commercial artists to help them get better opportunities. And to be an art agent or a business manager, you need to be an enthusiast first and hold a bachelor’s degree in art history.

Learn About These Arts Jobs That Are High Paying


To Sum Up

High paying art jobs are not only uber-cool but also one of the most in-demand careers right now. So, before you jump into a specific career, make sure you check out the pay-scale in your specific region as the numbers can vary dramatically.