Job Interview Preparation Tips and Techniques For Freshers

Top 10 Job Interview Preparation Tips For Freshers


Getting a best or suitable job has become an obstacle in the way of job-seekers. There are many situations when the deserving candidates have to lose out on most precious job opportunities.
If you are tired of searching for the best ways of cracking the job interview and all you have found is nothing, then do not lose hope because we are here to help you out and make you get rid of this severe problem arising nowadays.


When you have gone through the prerequisites of an Interview, you are finally called for that Interview. It is the high time to learn how to obtain a job you have applied for. Here, we will discuss some of the Job Interview Preparation Tips and Techniques related important aspects through which you will learn to easily take the best advantage of the given job opportunity. The following 10 steps are given for the candidates seeking Interview Tips for various jobs in the relevant field.

  1. Details of Job-related Backgroundresearch-the-companys-background-and-history

The first and the foremost thing that the job-hunters have to do is scrutinize the hiring authority. You should enquire about the job using various means. All details regarding the job nature and the hiring person should be analysed minutely. You need to take the “Background of the Company” and “What company deals in” into consideration so that when you ask questions, the interviewer can see that you know a lot about the company (this might make the interviewer hire you). Also, this will give you an extra strength to answer interviewer’s questions. We extremely recommend the job fighters to get the required information from the concerned authority by visiting its Official Website or some other suitable ways.

  1. Summary of Job-related Questionnairetop-interview-questions

The next step is to prepare for the most asked interview questions that are likely to be put by the interviewer, so that while appearing for the Interview, you can put yourself at ease and do not hesitate in answering the questions. If you have any contact person in the hiring organisation, you can easily contact him/ her to know the type of Interview. This can better be done by putting them in narrative forms like using them into the story (but make sure not to make it bored, you must keep the interviewer interested in what you say). Try to mark the talking points so that you do have to learn the responses.

  1. The Dress Codehow-to-dress-for-an-interview-for-fresher

Think closely the dress of organisation, its culture and the professional needs. You should wear a dress that fits the occasion. Avoid the habit of smoking or eating before the interview. It is recommended to brush your teeth and use mouthwash before the interview.

  1. Reach the Venue of Interview at Right Timereach-before-time-in-an-interview

Always reach the Interview Venue before the given time or arriving time so that you can make yourself acquaint with the circumstances and to do the formalities. It will be better for you to bring with you C.V. or Resume and your past experiences (if any). Never forget to bring with you several pens and pad and papers because you might need them while explaining something to the Interviewer. Never bring any mobile with you. If you could not put your mobile at home, then put it in such a mode so that it neither rings nor vibrates (if someone calls or leaves a message during the Interview).

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  1. Develop A Positive Impressionmake-a-good-first-impression-in-interview

While entering the Interview venue (e.g. office, or any other place), you must ask the Interviewer if you should come in (this can be done by asking “May I come in Sir/ Ma’am?”). Your first impression must be positive. You should firmly and warmly shake hand with the Interviewer before the Interview starts. You must be polite and reach early. While offering your warm wishes, always smile by making an eye contact (if the employer is female, it should be 1-6 seconds and if male, then 1-16 seconds). Never be rude to any other staff you meet before the conduction of the Interview. You should be well dressed and offer your greetings to all you meet when you enter the place.

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  1. Be genuine, optimistic convinced and frankself-confidence-in-interview

As the interview starts, the success depends on the accuracy of your responses. You must not hesitate in answering the questions. Your responses should be to the point, short and illustrated. Show your attitude as problem-solving. Your aim provides responses that depict your skills, experiences and fitness for the job. Never rebuke a former employer.

  1. Body Language (Gestures)body-language-for-an-interview

Your body language presents a positive attitude when you smile, show a keen attention, and make an eye contact, etc. You should not do any aimless efforts like moving in the chair, brushing back hair, touching face, muttering, chewing gum, playing with the pen, etc. Never avoid answering any question.

  1. Ask Perceptive Questionstips-to-improve-body-language-to-score-in-an-interview-copy

Researches show that employers decide the aspirants’ eagerness in the job by checking whether an applicant asks questions or not. Ask job-related questions so as to show your interest in the job. You can prepare a list of the questions that you want to ask the employer.

  1. Prove your Skillsinterview-success

In this way, you have to prove your skills and fitness with the job. During the Job Interview, you are like a salesperson and the product you sell is your knowledge, quality, ability in order to fulfil the company’s or organization’s need and to motivate its success. The company, for hiring, searches for the best candidate. When the employer relaxes, you need to inquire about the next steps in the process.

  1. Your gratitudeinterview-gratitude

Leave the interview with a sense of gratitude. Common courtesy is a proof of your politeness. Thank each person who interviewed you. You can thank each person who interviewed you by sending emails, postal mails or personally. Doing so doesn’t guarantee to get you a job, but it will without any doubt give you an opportunity to get the upper hands over those who did not bother to send the thank-you.

These Interview tips work with every job-seeker who is having no experience or a fresher. For more tips like making an effective Resume, most asked Interview questions and their answers etc., please keep visiting. Best of Luck for the Interview!

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