Is Distance Education MBA still valuable and worth doing

MBA – Master of Business Administration can be pursued by anyone with a degree. Many opt to work after doing their degree in any stream. Be it Science, Commerce or Arts stream, MBA is still a viable option.

Due to various reasons, people who start working would need to do a PG course to add more value to their resume or the organization needs you to do it or just to learn about the courses. Today, we will discuss distance MBA and how it benefits both, a working professional as well for those students who are willing to pursue this course.


The concept of distance MBA was introduced by many major universities a few decades ago to provide educational opportunities to those people who are unable to attend regular classes due to work, for those who don’t have opportunities to study MBA in their respective locations and for those who are just willing to learn.

Is Distance Education MBA still valuable and worth doing

The distance MBA program added to the academic curriculum, in the beginning, didn’t have much of a response due to its alienated nature.

However, over the years, distance education not only with respect to MBA but many other courses started gaining its importance. The university that is chosen to pursue MBA via distance education could be in the same state or in a different state altogether.


To answer its worth, you would need to know its benefits. That will certainly help you to decide to pursue MBA in this manner or not. Some of the crucial benefits are:Is Distance Education MBA still valuable and worth doing

  • Working professionals find this mode of education to be helpful. Since quitting the job isn’t a viable option and yet they are willing to pursue this education, many universities offer distance education to such people. You will be provided with sufficient study material along with various methods of communication to the university. The latest video recordings of classes by excellent professors are also made available post-admission. Lastly, you have an option to attend classes at regular intervals if possible.
  • Distance education helps with literacy. Due to the increase in population, not everyone will be able to attain a seat to pursue MBA. Online or distance MBA allows you to opt into the course if you have the eligibility. This method of education has the highest potential to counter illiteracy.
  • Distance education is affordable and it is less time consuming compared to the orthodox methods. Students pursuing distance MBA education will have access to the latest study material with the technologically rich environment. Students are able to choose the classes as per their convenience.
  • Flexible time schedule for those people who are busy with work. Study material and lecture videos would be available online with a 24/7 access. What else does a working professional need more than this? You could study at your own pace along with regular work.
  • Choose a college or university of your choice. As long as you fulfill their eligibility criteria, your application to pursue distance MBA will be approved. It also provides a chance to study from a college that you were unable to pursue your regular degree with. The geographical barrier is completely overcome via distance learning and you could certainly learn more than you need via an online
  • Pursuing a regular MBA in a tier 3 institution with a bad reputation is not that great. However, pursuing distance MBA in a reputed university or institution will certainly add more value to your education qualification.
  • The knowledge that you gain by pursuing MBA while the job continues will certainly provide new ideas to improve your work habits and lifestyle. This good change in your life could certainly open a lot of opportunities which was previously not possible.

With these benefits, your MBA degree should be attainable with the job at hand. You would need to sacrifice personal time to study but, it is certainly worth the effort.

Most of the people who pursue distance MBA have a few reasons and these are exclusively for working professionals.


Best reasons are:

  • Forced to pursue MBA by the organization that they work for. MBA will become an eligibility to continue working in that organization.
  • The organization is paying for the MBA course which is another benefit since you it a financial investment would be done for you by the organization.
  • Being a working professional, pursuing MBA via distance education are expecting a salary raise, promotion or some or the other motive to have that degree in their resume.
  • Most of the organizations create eligibility criteria for managerial and above positions with a must have MBA or equivalent degree. This certainly motivates a considered employee to work towards that MBA.
  • Depending on the HR who interviews people, they could consider distance MBA to be a good or bad thing. It is completely personal opinion however, it is always good to have an MBA in the resume than regret not having one, distance education or not.

How Do People look at Distance MBA?

Please know that you will not be able to convince all the people with respect to the topic. Everyone will have their own personal agenda. The same case applies here with distance education. Many people will not agree to distance education being as effective as the regular methods since they think it is not good.

However, we do know the technology allows us to access more and more updated information on a daily basis. With proper commitment and motivation, distance education will certainly help a working professional to complete this post-graduation without sacrificing his/her job.

Comparatively, distance MBA costs less to the regular method since you will receive all study material online along with videos, you will not be sacrificing your time to attend classes but learn via lecture videos at your leisure.

Final Thoughts

I always remember a say – It is always better to have an option that not have one. This applies very well to the question at hand here. Is distance MBA worth it? Yes, it is worth the value for those who need it. With that being said, good luck with pursuing MBA via distance mode!