How to prepare for JEE Mains along with school?

It is every engineering aspirants’ dream to crack the JEE. Balancing school work with the preparation for the various entrance examinations in Class XI and XII requires undeterred focus and hard work to come out successful. This may require students to cut down their leisure time, because of the number of hours of study the JEE requires an aspirant to put in. Today, it is imperative for young aspirants to be successful multitaskers. Here’s how engineering aspirants can successfully prepare for JEE alongside their school curriculum:

Understanding the JEE exam pattern

Engineering aspirants must go through what the JEE exam entails, what topics to focus on and how to attempt the paper. The JEE examination is different from other competitive entrance exams which engineering aspirants write, hence the preparation must also be different.


Develop time management skills

Time plays a key role in the student’s exam preparation and in keeping up with their school work. Students must get into the habit of drawing out a schedule and sticking to it to have a fixed routine in their day.  This will help them prioritize their school work and JEE Mains preparation and keep a check on their progress.

Make use of e-learning tools/Apps

Apps and websites such as Topper and Smart Test help students with preparing for IIT JEE Main Exam, creating formulas & notes, mock exams and coaching. Such apps help with testing the candidate’s preparation, speeding up their learning pace, providing free mock tests and revising with the help of AI systems.

Spend time attempting mock tests

Solving mock test papers is one of the most effective ways candidates can prepare and understand where they stand in their JEE preparation. Candidates can find several free mock test JEE papers online which they can access through their smartphones or laptops.


Candidates must set short and achievable goals to study strategically and follow a routine. It is recommended that students must train their mind and body to be active at late night hours and give it the rest it requires after a long study session.

Since the JEE examination is one of the most important examinations in an engineering aspirant’s life, the level of stress is also high. Students must not hesitate to talk to professionals or reach out to their school counsellor if they need help. The key to clearing the JEE examination is to put in the adequate amount of study hours, focus on important concepts and topics that are essential to the exam and study with a calm and clear mind.