How to Get Good Marks in Exam – Top 10 Preparation Tips & Tricks

How to Get Good Marks in Exam Preparation Tips

It is evident that during Examinations, many students get worried about the preparation of Exams in order to qualify or pass the exams or to get good marks/ grades and this happens because they lack Best Exam Preparation Tips/ Techniques. During examinations, students get high pressure and they become unable to study in the right and effective way. They start losing faith and think they will not make it. Well, this is a stressful situation that nowadays every student goes through. It has also been seen that some students search for “how to get good marks in exam without studying”. Well, this does not exactly go the way some students think it does. Knowing that many of you are searching for 10 Tips to Prepare for Exam, we have furnished some great ways that will help you easily get the best of the examination and you will surely achieve your goal. Follow these Best Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks and become the master.

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Top 10 Preparation Tips and Tricks to Get Good Marks

  1. Exam Time Table

exam-time-tableThe foremost thing that you need to do is schedule the timetable of your examination as per your suitability in order to give time each subject that is a part of the examination. This will depend on the subject and the study matter. You have to assign yourself sufficient time to study. Try to make the schedule for the preparation for the exam as earlier as possible. If you think that you can prepare for the exam in a few days before the exam commencement day or you think that you can cover every chapter of subject/ topic the just a night before the exam, then this is just your hallucination and nothing else. You have to set enough time aside every day for your studies. Studying wee hours of the examination will not make you succeed. how to use keto diet review and buy now online

  1. Study Place

exam-study-placeAnother tip that we have considered in these Top 10 Study Tips for Exams is the Study Place. You need to study in such a place that is silent or noiseless. There are always things that can distract you from studying, you need to put them aside. The place you prepare for the exam/ test should be spacious. The room should be airy or should have windows in order for the air to come in. While studying, make sure that there are enough lights sans (without) noise. This will help you pursue your examination goals wholeheartedly.

You must ascertain that you are comfortable with the study place. The place where you study should be tidy. Some people might like to hit the books in a silence environment, whereas some might like soft background music. So, it is up to you to decide whether or not doing so is best or most suitable way for you to concentrate on your studies. 

  1. Know Your Exam

know-your-examYou have to admit that even your examination can be considered as an enemy unless you know the detailed information or nuts and bolts of it. You have to find out more about the examination. By assuring the type of the exam, you can better have the ins and outs of what the examination is held or conducted for. Examine what subjects or topics the examination covers. Scrutinize the type and mode of examination, for example, the exam might include objective type question, conducted in online/ offline mode, consist of the total number of questions, based on negative marking, the selection process, etc. For this purpose, you can do a research on the Internet. Everything is available nowadays via the online mode.

  1. Solve Previous Exam Papers

solve-previous-year-papersIn order to get your upper hands on the questions in the question paper, you have to crack the question of previous papers. Review all of those questions that have already been asked many examinations. This not only will help you learn new ways of solving the questions but also it will let you have an idea about the format or the structure the exam. Previous/ Solved papers can easily be found on the Internet. If they aren’t there, get them from the market.

  1. Take Group Study

take group studyThere are many situations when you get stuck solving a question or any puzzle or something related to your exam. You take a look around and you get no one to help you with the problem that you just came across. This is the time when you are in need of someone to help you solve that problem. This also has another benefit; this takes less time for a problem to be solved when you study in Groups than when you don’t.   

  1. Need Help? Just Ask It

take-help-from-othersDo not think that asking for help is a bad idea. It really isn’t. If there is something regarding exam that you are not getting straightforwardly, do consult your friends and if they are unable to figure that problem out, go to your Teacher, Lecturer, or a Counsellor.

  1. Take Regular Pauses

take-regular-breaks-between-studyYou must not study continuously for a long time. A short repose will boost your energy level and you will surely be able to grasp the matter of the examination well. Studying in a continuous manner might get a lot of stress in your mind. You might want to follow 50-10 rule. Well, this rules works perfectly for me and I have been following the same since I came to know about it. This means that if your study about one hour on any subject or topic, keep 50 minutes for the exam preparation and rest 10 minutes for relaxing yourself. 

  1. Test Yourself

test yourselfAfter you have prepared for the examination, you need to check out whether or not you are ready for the exam. For this purpose, you can do an exam quiz with your brother, sister, friends. If it does not go well, you can attend mock exam (either online or offline whichever suits you most). After reviewing your performance, you have to take the report into account in order to improve more. 

  1. Stay Positive and Cool

stay positiveEradicate every negative idea from your mind that makes you lose your self-confidence. The key to getting success is to be confident. You will wonder to know that the half work is done is you are confident. Don’t talk to those who make you have doubts concerning the exam and confuse you, as well. If you are confused about something, get rid of it as soon as possible or you are going to make a blunder.   

  1. Break a Sweat and Eat Healthy

do exercise and eat healthyYou have to exercise a bit with the intention to boost your energy level and eat healthy food for good nutrition, too. There are certain vitamins that your body needs to be in active mode. It is recommended that student should take food which is rich in Vitamin D for a faster and smarter brain. Exercising also helps keep your blood pressure low.\

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Other Top/ Best Exam Preparation Tips To Crack Exams

  1. Try to make points of the topics you are learning
  2. Make the best use of flowcharts and diagrams for representation
  3. Use of flashcards
  4. Sleep well (at least 7-8 hours). If you do not take good sleep, the energy level of your body will go down and you already know that our body plays an important role in memorizing things
  5. Share your problems and success with others
  6. Be confident that you are going to make it
  7. Take help from notes written on your own
  8. Do not Cram
  9. Cheating will not solve problems, it will rather make you lose confidence
  10. Ask your friends what tips or techniques they use
  11. Use of Educational Apps
  12. Be clean and fresh and use tidy stuff
  13. Drink plenty of water

Hope this helps you seek what you were looking for, check other tips and Best of Luck!