HC Verma Physics Pdf Part 2- Concepts of Physics Volume 1 & 2

Students preparing for IIT JEE Main, NEET, and IIT JEE Advanced, would find HC Verma Part 2 Pdf helpful. For all the entrants of these national-level exams, and essential topics are elaborated in HC Verma Concepts of Physics Vol 1 and 2. Not just for the preparatory part, if you are a scholar who has finished their 10th exams, you must practice with HC Verma Physics Pdf Part 2 book.

HC Verma Physics Pdf Part 2

IITians take help from HC Verma Concepts of Physics Volume 1 & 2 for advanced learning and detailed knowledge of physical concepts. For an overall in-depth grasp of numerical ability, this book covers from A to B of all the ideas. In the last known years, this textbook has marked milestones for many students preparing for IIT entrance.

HC Verma, as a professor at IIT himself, has explained Thermodynamics, Electricity & Magnetism, and concepts of Modern Physics in simplified ways. Entire theory and practical knowledge are clarified to the students detailing the complicated concepts through simplified methods through HC Verma physics volume 2 pdf download.

The book consists of given scenarios and numerical problems based on every concept to help students practice them right away. Most importantly, HC Verma is dedicated to India-based learning methods. Every chapter is provided unit-wise in a systematic order that is even easier for scholars to be familiar to HC Verma Part 2 Pdf Concepts of Physics. Post office Jobs in Gds

HC Verma Concepts of physics volume 1

HC Verma as a dedicated member of the Physics Department, IIT Kanpur, has a bright history in contributing to the Research of Nuclear Physics. His ability to summarise the deep and vast concepts of the physical world in two volumes is beyond remarkable. Indian Army Recruitment Rally


Many authors have previously claimed that their content is better and easily understandable as compared to HC Verma Concepts of Physics. But so far, HC Verma’s contribution came out to be the ultimate. Indian Navy Bharti News

HC Verma Physics Pdf

Students are provided in detail the last segment of every concept. These problems are based on the chapters and are helpful to implement and relate to real-life scenarios. This way is how HC Verma has tried to connect with learners better to help them understand.

HC Verma Concept of Physics Part 1 and 2

The book has been divided into two parts, namely Volume I and Volume II.

HC Verma Concepts of Physics Volume I:

There are three units in each part with Volume I consisting of Mechanics, Waves & Wave Optics, and Optics.

  • Unit I- Chapters 1 to 14 (Mechanics)
  • Unit II- Chapters 15-17 (Waves including wave optics)
  • Unit III-Chapters 18-22: (Optic)

Details on HC Verma Concepts of Physics Volume 2

The three Units explained in Volume II consists of Heat & Thermodynamics, Electricity & Magnetism, and Modern Physics.

  • Unit IV- Chapters 23-28 (Heat and Thermodynamics)
  • Unit V-Chapters 29-40: (Electric and Magnetic phenomena)
  • Unit VI-Chapters 41-47: (Modern Physics)

Each chapter explains the concepts with illustrated examples and solutions in the interim. These examples are a great way to enhance students’ understanding of the concepts. This is the reason why concepts of physics hc Verma vol 2 pdf, so far, has helped many IITians crack their exams successfully.

HC Verma Concepts of Physics Part 1 Solutions PDF

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The first three units have 22 chapters whose solutions are given in the tabular representation here.

Sr.NoChapter NameExplained Solutions
1Introduction to PhysicsLink to Download
2Physics and MathematicsDirect Download
3Rest and Motion: KinematicsDownload Solutions
4The ForcesGet Solutions here
5Newton’s Laws of MotionDownload from here
6FrictionSolutions Available here
7Circular MotionDownload Link
8Work and EnergyGet here
9Center of Mass, Linear Momentum, CollisionVisit here
10Rotational MechanicsSolutions Available here
11GravitationSolutions Available here
12Simple Harmonic MotionActive Download Link
13Fluid MechanicsVisit here
14Properties of MatterDirect Link
15Wave Motion and Waves on a StringPdf Solutions
16Sound WavesLink to Download
17Light WavesSolutions Available
18Geometrical OpticsLink to Solutions
19Optical InstrumentsDownload solutions here
20Dispersion and SpectraPdf Link
21Speed of LightSolutions to Download
22PhotometryDownload Chapter Solutions

Concepts of Physics HC Verma Volume 2 Book PDF

The author has followed a systematic approach to explain each chapter and make it more comprehensible. This systematic approach has helped counts of academic learners to succeed in their senior secondary as well as competitive exams like IIT JEE Mains, Advanced, and NEET.

The Units IV, V, and VI contain the following chapters whose solutions are also provided in the following table. Chapters 22nd to 47th are covered in the 2nd Volume of HC Verma Concepts of Physics and grab concepts of physics hc verma vol 2 pdf.

HC Verma Concepts of Physics Volume 2 Solution

Sr.NoChapter NameSolution
23Heat and TemperatureActive Link
24Kinetic Theory of GasesDownload Link
25CalorimetryLink to Solutions
26Laws of ThermodynamicsGet Solutions here
27Specific Heat Capacities of GasesSolutions  Part 1
Solutions Part 2
28Heat TransferActive Link
29Electric Field and PotentialSolutions Pdf
30Gauss’s LawPdf Download Link
31CapacitorsDownloadable Solutions
32Electric Current in ConductorsPdf Download Link
33Thermal and Chemical Effects of Electric CurrentSolutions Available here
34Magnetic FieldActive Link
35Magnetic Field due to a CurrentLink to Download
36Permanent MagnetsFollow here
37Magnetic Properties of MatterVisit to Solutions
38Electromagnetic InductionFollow this Link
39Alternating CurrentGet Solutions here
40Electromagnetic WavesVisit here for Solutions
41Electric Current through GasesPdf Solutions Link 
42Photoelectric Effect and Wave-Particle DualitySolutions in Pdf
43Bohr’s Model and Physics of the AtomVisit here for Answers
44X-raysExplained Solutions
45Semiconductors and Semiconductor DevicesSolutions Summary
46The NucleusLink to Solutions
47The Special Theory of RelativityDirect Download Link

Why and How is HC Verma Concepts of Physics helpful?

There is no doubt why this book proves to be a bible for science students. Since every topic is covered in the book, if scholars start learning from an early stage of Higher secondary school, their fundamentals would be cleared. Also, adding to their problem-Solving ability the practice questions amplify student’s analytical skills at early stages.

This is most beneficial for kids who aim to crack IIT JEE mains and advanced. With improved and raised IQ level, students would find it easier to compete in High-level competitive and entry-level exams besides, performing excellently in their board exams.

This book based on physical concepts is loaded with Multiple Choice Questions, objective summaries, and concepts that are connected with us in our daily lives. Therefore, one can say that it forms the base of each candidate involved in the practice. HC Verma Physics Pdf Books is a one-stop solution for XI and XII students to create a concrete foundation in terms of knowledge as well as career.