Google Product Manager Jobs – Discover More Here

One of the main reasons why Google can bring innovative and world-class products to the market is due to the collaborative work in their product management department. This department has its eyes focused squarely on the future.

Their teams work closely to produce these creative and prolific products. They are responsible for guiding these products from the creation stage all the way to their execution. 


All the while they focus on positioning, analyzing, promoting, packaging, and tailoring them to suit the solutions of all markets where Google is doing business.

Google Product Manager Jobs - Discover More Here
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As part of the team, you must combine the worlds of business and tech. You must also have a strong focus on design and come up with creative ideas then zoom out to the lead matrix teams such as finance, marketing, and sales.

Let’s get into jobs within Google’s product management area.


Jobs In This Department

Product Design

As a designer, you must be able to think critically and creatively about products. This includes how you can monetize twitter, how to change Gmail, how to design an app for the Louvre, and give analysis and feedback about features. 

You should always think about how you can impress the user. 

Product Strategy

In this role, you should be able to understand Google’s competitive landscapes and also discuss the vision for Google, the ad market, the mobile market, the internet, and other technological areas. 


You should be able to discuss long-term product roadmaps and strategies on how to increase Google’s market share.


This is the awareness of all the technological trends that are currently gathering momentum. It is an extremely useful tool as you must be able to identify the most interesting trends and how they are useful in Google’s business. 


A market analyst is a problem-solver and must answer questions such as – how would you store all of the phone calls in the whole world? They must pay very close attention to details and communication. 

They should also know how to break the problem down into smaller nuggets in order to reach an overall solution. 


This is someone who has some architecture or design experience. It is actually a post that deals with web apps, data storage, and databases. 

Required Skills For This Department

The following shall be expected of you when you apply for this position with Google.

Previous Experience Working as a Product Manager

Google usually has an agnostic interview process where they aim to hire people who are generalists and who can easily float through different product lines such as mobile, consumer, platform, and enterprise. 

However, this doesn’t mean that your specific educational achievements will be disregarded. They are looking for all-round employees who have specific things to offer. 

Technical Background

As an emerging driver company, Google appreciates that its product managers are likely former engineers and therefore must have a proven track record. Having a computer science degree is also a plus. 

Previous Startup Experience

Google operates as a huge startup that is made up of smaller startups inside. Having some past experience either as the founder of a startup or as an early employee of a startup that was fast-growing will certainly earn you some points with the hiring manager.

Google Product Manager Jobs - Discover More Here
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We’ve all heard about how great it is to work with tech companies like Google. When you think about all the benefits that Google employees get – like meditation rooms and play areas – we can’t all help but wish we worked there.

If you’ve got the qualifications indicated above, you might just be able to qualify to enter their world via their Google Product Management team.