Best Tips for Submitting a Diversity Scholarship Application

Universities today are focused on having a diverse community in their programs. They even offer scholarships to ensure this. While it is easy to apply for a diversity scholarship, the essay portion can be difficult.


A diverse student body ensures different perspectives in your learning space. This helps students broaden their knowledge and grow as individuals. It also prepares them for the global workspace they might enter after university.

The scholarship committee will decide whether your essay contributes to this goal. Read on to learn the best tips for applying for a diversity scholarship.


Best Tips for Submitting a Diversity Scholarship Application

Understand Your Diversity Statement

In many cases, there is a prompt for your diversity essay. It gives you direction for your essay. Your application might be rejected if you fail to adhere to the diversity statement.


Please reread the statement at least ten times to understand its theme. For example, here is a prompt from the University of Oklahoma.

“The University of Oklahoma is home to a vibrant, diverse, and compassionate University community often called ‘the OU family’. Please describe your cultural and community service activities and why you participated in them.”

Here, the theme is cultural and community service activities. Your essay should address this theme and not discuss your being from a minority community.

Focus On The “Why”

What diversity you bring is important when writing your diversity statement. But it is not as important as why it matters.

So, rather than focusing on your diverse background, focus on how it shaped you as a person and how that will benefit the university and the student community.

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Tell A Story

The facts are great, but they are not engaging. What keeps people’s attention is a story. Whatever your experience is in this regard, weave a story out of it.

Write it in a way that is easy to read and has a story flow to it. Tell them what sets you apart from others. Make sure the beginning of the essay is catchy.

If you can’t write a good hook with your story itself, try using a quote or a saying relevant to your story as the first line. And, if you can’t figure out how to do it, follow this flow.

  • How are you different?
  • Your experience
  • How has that shaped you?
  • How does that benefit the university?

Be Authentic

Maybe your story isn’t interesting enough, or you don’t have a story at all. However, it is never advisable to copy or make up stories. The whole idea of these essays is for the scholarship and admission committee to understand you better.

Besides, they have read thousands of essays and can spot a fake one without blinking. So, be authentic and put yourself out.

Be Sensitive

When discussing diversity, you need to be sensitive. Talk only about your experience and cite studies to support your point.

However equating your experiences to others or exaggerating your situation will not help. Make sure you are not playing down any community.

Start Early And Proofread Many Times

Best Tips for Submitting a Diversity Scholarship Application

This is a general tip, but it is equally important to others. Crafting a winning diversity scholarship essay takes time. So, start working on your essay as soon as you know if you are eligible for the scholarship.

Proofread your essay many times. Even if you have a great story, grammatical and spelling errors can be a big turn-off. Make sure your essay doesn’t have any of those. Then, give it to other people, like your parents, teachers, or mentors, and get their input.


Write your diversity essay according to these tips, and the rest of your diversity scholarship application will be a cakewalk. Once you are done, relax until your acceptance letter reaches you.