3 Technology Careers That Are Big Right Now

Technology is certainly at the core of life and business in the 21st century. However, the thing about technology is that it keeps evolving, and is pretty fast at that too! The hottest technological trend of the day, may cease to even be relevant a few months down the line. 

Shifts in technological trends are bound to have a direct impact on the kind of jobs and career pathways associated with them. Technology careers in demand keep changing as fast as technology does. It is important to keep up with the changing market requirements, to stay in the race.


In this article, we bring to you three of the hottest technology careers that are big right now. Best part? These careers are here to stay, and pursuing them can prove to be a rewarding career decision. Let’s have a look, what these top three technology careers are.  

3 Technology Careers That Are Big Right Now


AI Architect / Engineer

The use of AI in everyday life and business seemed like a distant idea until a few years ago. But look at it today – from marketing to operations, manufacturing to logistics, AI is becoming increasingly common in each and every field. 


In fact, the marketplace today is flooded with AI-based products and services. As a consequence, professionals with great knowledge of artificial intelligence oriented programming are high in demand. 

Wondering what skills does one need to build a career in artificial intelligence? Here we list out some of them for you. 

Skills Required

  • AI-based mobile application and software programming
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Awareness about agile development methodology and organizational skills

Data Scientist / Big Data Specialist

Data is the new oil of the 21st century – we all have heard this phrase, right? Well, it is true in every sense of it. Today, organizations, brands, and businesses are churning out millions and billions of data points every single second. 


While it is a big challenge to determine how to best use this data, it is equally an opportunity like none other. 

No doubt, organizations are on the hunt for specialists who can turn around and play with this data to offer them useful and actionable insights. However, data is a sensitive asset and one needs to acquire higher-order technical skills, experience, and expertise. 

Here, we have listed some specific skills to pursue a career in the field of data.

Skills Required

  • Good command over data-oriented programming languages
  • Well-groomed analytical skills
  • Ability to work in large teams for data integration projects

Cloud Computing Specialist

Cloud computing is yet another promising career option in the domain of technology. Organizations across the world are migrating to cloud-based services faster than ever before. Given the enormous benefits and possibilities offered by cloud computing, a shift to this technology is formidable. 

However, it is yet another fact that a switch to the cloud requires a dedicated task force of cloud computing experts to deploy, manage, and maintain the cloud architecture. 

A cloud computing specialist is a uniquely skilled professional with in-depth domain knowledge. The skills required to qualify for a career as a cloud specialist are listed below. 

Skills Required

  • Composite knowledge of cloud hardware as well as software
  • Ability to scale up and manage diversified cloud applications
  • Good understanding of cloud performance, and architectural principles
  • Use of cloud-based service like Amazon Web Services
3 Technology Careers That Are Big Right Now


The Bottom Line

The technological domain, no doubt,  is a promising career field to opt into. However, it is important to sense the direction of the tide, and make the best of it! Choosing a career in one of the above specialized technological fields can be truly a life-changing career decision.